Is Park Bo Gum Dating? Who is Park Bo Gum’s Girlfriend?

Park Bo Gum Dating Park Bo Gum Girlfriend

Park Bo Gum is now considered a household name in South Korea. Thus, everyone seems interested in his love life or if Park Bo Gum is dating anyone right now. Does Park Bo Gum has a girlfriend right now?

Park Bo Gum Life details:

Park Bo Gum was born on June 16, 1993. He gained his actor status when he portrayed different roles in movies and television, notably as a psychopathic attorney in “Hello Monster” in 2015, a genius Go player in the hit drama series “Reply 1988” which has run from 2015 to 2016, as  a Joseon Crown Prince in “Love in the Moonlight” or “Moonlight Drawn By Clouds.”

Bo Gum is the youngest among three siblings. His name “Bo Gum” translates to “precious sword.” His mother died when he was still in fourth grade.

Park Bo Gum Fun Facts:

  • Park Bo Gum is the youngest artist to be named as “Actor of the Year” by Gallup Korea.
  • Park Bo Gum is the first ever actor to top the Korea Power Celebrity list by Forbes.
  • Park Bo Gum is known for his upstanding persona. He is praised for his manliness, boyishness, easygoing, high-class, bright and positive image.
  • South Korea used the word “Bo Gum Magic” after his “Love in the Moonlight” series and has been called the “Nation’s Crown Prince” and is affectionately called the top candidate for “Nation’s Son-in-Law.”
  • Park Bo Gum garduated From Myongji University. He completed his musical theatre course on February 2018.
  • Park Bo Gum is very active on Twitter.
  • Park Bo Gum is a Christian. Despite receiving some negative comments about it, he still posts about his faith on his Twitter account.
  • Park Bo Gum has a very close brother relationship with Song Joong Ki since they are handled by the same entertainment agency, Blossom Entertainment.

Park Bo Gum official Twitter account: 박보검 @BOGUMMY


Is Park Bo Gum Dating? Who is his girlfriend?

Rumored Girlfriend: Kim Yoo Jung

Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung

Park Bo Gum is rumored to be in a relationship with actress and model Kim Yoo Jung. This was after the two starred in “Love in the Moonlight” in 2016.

Ever since the release of the drama series, many fans have speculated that the two are dating due to their on-screen chemistry. It has been reported that Bo Gum was always very nice to Kim Yoo Jung.

However, Kim Yoo Jung stated that she thinks of him as a sibling and remained good friends with him.

Rumored Girlfriend: Red Velvet’s Irene

Due to their chemistry as hosts during “Music Bank” from 2015 to 2016, fans thought that they are a couple. However, the two never confirmed that they are dating.

Park Bo Gum and Red Velvet Irene

Park Bo Gum’s ex-girlfriends

Park Bo Gum did not mention his love life or past girlfriends in an interview. We can say that Park Bo Gum is a private person and prefers to keep his personal life for himself and close friends and family.