Park Bo Young Reveals Her Biggest Fans

Park Bo Young Reveals Biggest Fans

South Korean actress Park Bo Young recently revealed her biggest fans.

During the August 5, Saturday live broadcast of the 27-year-old actress on Vlive App, she held it on her sister's house, revealing that her brother-in-law supports her so much.

In fact, the "Strong Woman Do Bong Soon" actress revealed that her brother-in-law kept a water bottle from a restaurant because it has the actress' face. She also revealed a life-sized panel of her saying that her brother-in-law also got it from a restaurant during the winter.

“It was winter. He was drunk and was worried as I (the panel) was working outside in the cold. He thought I’d be tired as I was standing up and he should bring me home,” she said.

“His friends asked him, ‘Are you serious?’ but he really brought it home. When he arrived at home with it my sister put it on the veranda but he said, ‘She will feel cold. No’ and brought it inside the house,” she reportedly added.

Park Bo Young is a well-know actress in South Korea. She recently starred in a JTBC romance comedy series, "Strong Woman Do Bong Soon," along with Park Hyung Sik, wherein they broke several ratings records.