Is Park Hyung Sik Dating Now? Who is his girlfriend?


Park Hyung Sik is getting a lot of attention nowadays. He recently caught attention of the fans from across the globe with his role in “Hwarang” and now, he is starring in “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.”

With this, fans are always asking if this handsome actor is currently dating or in a relationship. Let us go through his personal life.

Park Hyung Sik’s Information


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Park Hyung Sik was born on November 16,1991. He was a member of the South Korean boy group, ZE:A. He gained his popularity in South Korea after he was starring in the military show “Real Men” and got his nickname “Baby Soldier.”

Later on, he gained fans across the globe for starring in “The Heirs,” “What’s With This Family,” “High Society,” “Hwarang” and his current lead role in “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.”

Park Hyung Sik’s Girlfriend

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Is Park Hyung Sik dating now? Lucky for his fans as this handsome actor revealed he does not have any girlfriend since his debut on 2010.

“I don’t think it’s time to date yet. I still have a long way to go. There are a lot of things I want to show so after I do everything that I can for sure, I think I’ll be able to date,” the singer-actor revealed.

Park Hyung Sik’s Ex-Girlfriend

The singer and actor revealed in one of his interviews that he dated way back in middle school before he debuted as a singer and then an actor.

Park Hyung Sik’s Ideal Type, Dating and Marriage Views

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According to the actor in one of his interviews for “Hwarang,” he said that before he dates a girl, he will observe for a long time so that he can date her for a long time.

The actor is also a hopeless romantic as he revealed he is still waiting for the right girl to come saying, “I think about that every day. I haven’t met the right girl yet and I think it’s going to be like that in the future. I feel like my love cells are disappearing.”

He also revealed that he takes love and relationship seriously and also said he will be proud to introduce his girlfriend.

When it comes to marriage, Park Hyung Sik said that he will be marrying the person he loves when he thinks he is capable enough to take care for her and their own soon family.

The actor has a huge crush on foreign actresses Kristen Stewart and Amanda Seyfried, revealing he is pleased and attractive to foreign people as they will help him get used to new culture and as well as it will help him improve his English language.