Park Seo Joon Finds Out Park Hyung Sik is the King in ‘Hwarang : the Poet Warrior Youth’

Hwarang Episode 12

During the recent episode of “Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth,” it seems like the plot is getting more interesting as Park Seo Joon’s character Sun Woo finally finds out Park Hyung Sik’s Ji Dwi is the true king. What will happen to their odd friendship?

On Episode its episode 12 released on January 24, the historical romance drama series has been getting an increase in viewership ratings in South Korea. Along with the increase of ratings is the increase of the story’s conflict.

The story focused on the much-awaited sparring competition among Hwarangs and the revelation of the king’s true identity and location.

In the previous episode 11, a banner saying “The King is within Hwarang” was revealed in motive to finally put the faceless king in public. This tactic was pulled by Ban Ryu’s (Do Ji Han) adoptive father Park Yeong Shil.

In the previous episode also, Princess Suk Myeong (Seo Ye ji) was revealed to have been instructed by the Queen Regent (Kim Ji Soo) to kill Ah Ro (Go Ara) however, she failed as Sun Woo (Park Seo Joon) took the arrow for her.

Meanwhile, in episode 12, despite almost all the people in the capital believe Sun Woo (Park Seo Joon) as the king, he desperately wanted to know who is the king, who he remembered the culprit for killing his best friend, Mark Moon (Lee Kwang Soo). He plans to kill the king as a revenge of his best friend’s death.

Park Yeong Shil (Kim Chang Wan) wanted to make sure that Sun Woo (Park Seo Joon) is the faceless king so during the sparring competition, he suggested to have a Hwarang fight against his best martial artist guard, in which the princess agreed on.

With how the Queen Regent reacted to Sun Woo’s almost dying scene, Ban Ryu’s adoptive father confirmed to himself that Master Ahn Ji’s son Sun Woo is the true king.

However, with all the puzzles he had, Sun Woo believed that Ji Dwi is the true king. After his successful fight with Master Yeong Shil’s guard, he cornered Ji Dwi with a sword. He asked him, “Are you the king?”

Now, fans will have to wait what will happen to the next episode. Now that the true king is known to be just around the capital, all of the anti-royal family will grab the chance. What was the Queen Regent’s request to Kim Soo Ho (Choi Min Ho)with regards to Sun Woo? What will happen if Sun Woo confirmed Ji Dwi is the true king? What will Master Yeong Shil do to his wrong accusation about Sun Woo being the king? Will Princess Suk Myeong and Sun Woo’s romance will blossom next episode?

Next episode will air in KBS2 on Monday, January 30.