READ: HWARANG says Good bye to BTS’ V’s Han Sung!


Tears poured out in the latest episode of Hwarang. Audiences never expected that just right two episodes before its ending, one of the main casts will be fallen in a hurtful way.

Although we heard some theories that BTS’ Kim Tae Hyung’s character will probably be one of the casts which will be killed, some fans speculated it was just all theories since there are only few episodes left for the ending.

Who is Seok Han Sung ( Kim Tae Hyung/ BTS’ V) in Hwarang?

Han Sung is an innocent boy and the youngest in Hwarangs. He is lively, bright and loves his half-brother, Seok Dan Se. He is considered as the last ‘true sacred bone’ of his family and treasured him as he is their last hope.

On Episode 18, it was delivered how his grandfather was so engrossed in acquiring a place with the highest official in the capital thus made him greedy and evil. He tasked Han Sung’s older brother, Dan Se to kill off Park Seo Joon’s Sun Woo (since he was believed to be King Jinheung).

Dan Se received a letter along with a bottle of poison from his grandfather. He was forced to do it because he was threatened that if they will not be part of Master Young Shil’s clan then it is better if Han Sung and his grandfather kill themselves.

Power. Greed of Power. That caused the death of BTS’ V’s Han Sung. An innocent boy and a pure heart was stopped as a sacrifice for his own grandfather’s greed.

We will never forget BTS’ V’s amazing portrayal of Han Sung. It made us all cry in episode 18 due to the character being built up as someone innocent, kind and brave.

Taehyung said in a report by KBS, "I was really nervous before filming, but people were all very friendly. Thanks to 'Hwarang,' I met many good people! Seojun, Hyeongsik, Minho, Jihan and every member of staff helped me a lot. I thank them all."

​Watch the emotional death scene of BTS' V's Han Sung on Hwarang below: