Here’s How K-pop Girl Group Red Velvet Maintains Group Identity

Red Velvet Identity Music

K-pop girl group Red Velvet is known for coming up with different concepts every time they release a new music album. From their pop song “Happiness” to trying out R&B and acoustic “One of These Nights,” the five-member girl group can totally pull it off.

"The fact that Red Velvet can pull off so many different genres of music is our biggest charm," Seulgi said in an interview with Paper, comparing their albums "RBB" and "Power Up.”

"When we were promoting “Power Up,” I really enjoyed the bright, lively and summery song. Now that we've released “RBB,” I like this type of powerful, femme fatale concept. The fact that we can change up our music styles and concepts just like the seasons change makes everything new and fresh every single time,” she added.

Seulgi said that they are having fun in researching and being able to delve deep into whatever concept they are pulling off next.

“We’ll look at other artists and see how they pull off a certain concept, and think about how we’d make it our own. This whole process had really made us grow and mature over the years. It makes us want to continuously try out new concepts,” Seulgi said in an interview with Forbes.

While they try to show different sides of the group, Red Velvet maintains their identity by focusing on their name “Red Velvet” and their style. Wendy added that they trust their own selves that they can do lots of genre and sticking into that belief.

Red Velvet and Girl Empowerment

Red Velvet Redmare tour in North America

Red Velvet just concluded their “Redmare” tour in North America in February 2019. They went to hold their concert in Dallas, Los Angeles, Newark, Miami and Chicago in the United States, and Vancouver and Toronto in Canada. Red Velvet is the first K-pop girl group to hold a North American tour in three years.

Red Velvet was asked about their appeal to women and they chalked it up to their themes of women empowerment.

Wendy said that their album “BB” (Really Bad Boy), there are a lot of songs talking about female’s self-confidence. She continued that juts by listening to them, it gives women the confidence to do something.