Red Velvet to Release Japan 1st Mini Album Cookie Jar on July 4

Red Velvet is coming to Japan!

Red Velvet Japanese debut Cookie Jar

Red Velvet Japanese fans, be ready! Red Velvet is now preparing for their Japanese debut.

The South Korean girl group’s Japanese debut is approaching and they will be releasing their first Japanese mini album “Cookie Jar” on July 4. Ahead of that, Red Velvet’s official Twitter account released introductory clips about some of the moments during Red Velvet’s 1st Japanese concert “Red Room.”

“Cookie Jar” containes 3 all-new, original Japanese songs including “Cookie Jar” “Aitai-tai” ( which translated to “Miss You” or “I want to see you”) and “Cause It’s You.” The mini-album will also feature the Japanese versions of their hits “Russian Roulette,” “Red Flavor” and “Dumb Dumb.”

Check out the video below:

Meanwhile, the girl group's music video for "Dumb Dumb" has reached 100 million views on Youtube. This is the second official music video of the group to reach this milestone after "Russian Roulette."