Here’s why Red Velvet’s Joy is a Perfect Host for ‘Get it Beauty’

Red Velvet Joy Get It Beauty 2019

Red Velvet’s Joy is confirmed to be joining top model Jang Yoon Joo, beauty creator Yeondukong, model Irene, April’s Naeun , April’s Chaekyung and Lovelyz’ Jeong Ye In in the new season of “Get It Beauty.”

“Get It Beauty” is a television show providing audience the inside scoop on the latest looks in makeup, fashion, health and fitness used by their favorite South Korean celebrities.

Hiring Red Velvet’s Joy as one of the permanent hosts of the show looks like a good choice because the famous idol is known to be one with the most refreshing and beautiful face even from the start of her idol career. Moreover, the Red Velvet member is known to be interested in beauty and was tagged by their makeup artist as a cosmetic maniac.

Red Velvet’s Joy revealed in 2015 that she loves collecting lipsticks and is very keen on protecting and taking care of her lips.

It can be seen on her variety show “We Got Married” that she also likes to apply a face mask at night.

She also loves to take vitamins to achieve her youthful glowing skin and good health as revealed on “Pajama Friends.”

Red Velvet’s Joy previously showcased her MC skills in JTBC’s “Sugar Man” and was one of the members of Lifetime’s “Pajama Friends.” Furthermore, Joy and Jang Yoon Joo previously worked together for “Pajama Friends”. During the show, the two grew close while traveling and sharing personal stories.

Are you excited to see Red Velvet’s Joy on “Get It Beauty 2019”?