Red Velvet’s Joy Proving She’s Sexy Dynamite


Red Velvet's Joy just recently proved that she is really a sexy dynamite!

The famous Red Velvet member recently shared photos of her with her alluring charisma on her Instagram account.

Joy sexy dynamite Joy sexy dynamite Joy sexy dynamite Joy sexy dynamite Joy sexy dynamite

Joy was seen wearing a black top with beige bottoms and heels. It looks like it was a photoshoot of another endorsement.

According to an article in Osen Korea, Joy is capable of creating different aura and with those photos, she proved that she really is a sexy dynamite by just using her eyes.

Everyone was captivated!

Joy was known as the sexy dynamite member of Red Velvet. According to her, it was one of their music video managers who gave her that nickname as she has so much charms to explode.

Joy's idol group, Red Velvet recently released their album titled "The ReVe Festival: Finale" with their latest lead single "Psycho" which has been topping the charts since its released on December 23, 2019.

Meanwhile, Red Velvet's Joy is currently appearing as a manager in SBS' variety show "Handsome Tigers."