Here are the best moments at Red Velvet’s first ever concert ‘Red Room’

Red Velvet Red Room Concert

South Korean girl group idol Red Velvet recently held their first ever solo concert titled “Red Room.” The five members of Red Velvet made memorable moments with special live performances, surprising choreographies and some of their most famous friends in the industry in attendance.

The “Red Room” concert was held on August 18 -20 at the Olympic Park, Olympic Hall in Seoul. The Red Velvet’s “Red Room” concert featured some of the best songs of the group – as well as other surprises!

The following are some of the best memorable moments during Red Velvet’s “Red Room” concert.

Red Velvet finally performed “Automatic” full version and each member did solo dance for fan favorite song, “Be Natural.”

Seulgi's dance moves is totally perfect. Who won't agree? 

Wendy performed her solo song "Last Love" and she nailed it as expected.

Joy swoon us with her sexy figure and outfits. She also took us to another level of performance with her solo stage during "Be Natural." Oh I forgot to mention her vocals is SUPERB!

Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, Joy and Yeri teared up while seeing their first ever pastel coral ocean.

We got the chance to see the live dance and audio version of their new song "Zoo" from their "The Red Summer" EP. 

Red Velvet's maknae, Yeri crying her heart's happiness and gratitude during the ending song. Who's cutting onions?

Even after the concert, Red Velvet and Luvies showed how much they take care of each other.

Famous friends and family were also in attendance, including Girls’ Generation Yoona, Taeyeon, Hyoyeon, Seohyun, EXO’s Suho, Chanyeol, Sehu, Super Junior’s Lee Teuk and actor Lee Seo Won.

The family of the members, except Irene’s, also came to support the first ever concert of the famous girl group.

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Here's what Joy said during their talks before the concert ended:

 "I thought about the fate which brought us here. People who're here together, we could just pass by.The fact that those people are here with one mind gives me goosebumps, and I'm so grateful for it. Many people put into their efforts to make this concert happens. I'm thankful for my fortune to be with great people. And I feel the place I belong, the people I'm with are what make me happy. Since it's the last day, I wanted to put my whole energy into it, and I did, but I still feel sorry. I don't know when we'll have another chance like this, many people looking for the same goal with passion. I know we'll get another chance, but still, it was very special to have such an opportunity. That's why I felt sorry. I debuted when I was 19. Even I feel matured myself. I believe u feel the same. We will show u our maturation in the future, so please support us and look forward to us." (English translations by H.Y. @itnw0628 on Twitter.)

Yeri at the end talk: "Since today is the last day, I tried to remember a lot of things from the start. I also tried to make as many eye contacts with fans as I could. Weird thing is, after concert, I feel tired but also I can't sleep. So today I came here with lack of sleep. Because of the (good) things happened at the concert, I couldn't sleep. And I tried to see as much as I could today. During the concert, I remember my trainee days. I hope I can see you, people I really like, more in the future.  (Translations by H.Y. @itnw0628 on Twitter)

Irene at the end talk: "I was nervous because it's our first, but I could gain strength thanks to u who came to cheer for us. Since it's our first time, we had some mistakes, but we tried our best for you. I hope you feel as happy as us. When I went to sunbaenim's concert, the fact that everyone cheer for certain figure with one mind made me tear up. Now, being the one who receive such a thing, I felt really happy. Thank you. When I did “Music Bank”, I saw staffs pull down the stage after the show. Before, I didn't think about it much, but there are so many people who make a lot of things happen even behind the stage. I wanted to say thank you for the beautiful stage. We could do this concert thanks to many people including you. (Translations by H.Y. @itnw0628 on Twitter)

Seulgi at the end talk: "3 days of concert made me realize more about responsibility. I gotta take responsibility for you. It feels more earnest. All the energy we receive from u while singing & dancing, I wanted to give it back to you. Thank you for making me feel that I've lived a good, diligent life. Thank you. (Translations by H.Y. @itnw0628 on Twitter)

Wendy at the end talk: "While I'm doing this concert, I feel really happy. I was happy doing other events, but doing the concert in the venue with full of our fans is something. Thank you. (Translations by H.Y. @itnw0628 on Twitter)