Red Velvet’s Joy Celebrates Birthday With Fans In A Party at SM Entertainment

Red Velvet's Joy Birthday

Park Soo Young or most popularly known as Red Velvet’s Joy just recently celebrated her 22nd birthday (Korean age), September 3, with the most special people in her life: her fans.

SM Entertainment previously announced on the Instagram that a surprise birthday party will be held for the actress-idol during her special day.

The intimate party with fans was also attended by her fellow Red Velvet members’ Irene, Seulgi and Yeri. Wendy did not attend the party because she was reportedly sick.

The party includes conversation between the four Red Velvet members and the fans. They also shared some funny stories.

You can read about their conversation here:

And the cute story about a stray cat in their dorm, here:

[Fan Account] 170903 Red Velvet Joy’s Surprise Birthday Party - ‘Chanel’ the Cat Story

Fact: Irene and Yeri are afraid of animals like cats and dogs.

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  • yeri was leaving the dorm n felt sth fluffy on her feet couldn’t tell if it was a cat or a dog whatever the thing went in to dorm thru door
  • wendy was alone in the dorm Yeri freaked out crying in the hallway calling wendy she couldn’t go in tho bc too scared wendy told yeri its ok
  • but she called seulgi for sos seulgi was with joy so both hurried home excited expecting a dog so joy could finally utilize what she learned
  • But it was a cat instead they were all scared but coincidentally seulgi was at a cat cafe that day n saw 101 cats so stood out confidently
  • But the cat hid in somewhere so seulgi tried to lure with a can of tuna joy went out to get security guard but he was also scared of cat
  • seulgi going yummies~ with a tuna can security going meow for an hour joy got frustrated searched internet found out cats like plastic bags
  • she got one made noise cat sticked its head out for a sec so at least knew where the cat was the cat looked fancy so they named it channel
  • *chanel aka chungdam cat
  • yummies~meow~ yeri who was waiting outside bc too scared thought they were crazy On the other hand joy reached her limit so took the cat out
  • she held it the way to hold a dog so hair n clothes got tangled w its paws passed to seulgi she held the same way got scratches on her back
  • wendy analyzed the failure of cat luring was due to wrong selection of canned food they should’ve used salmon instead of tuna
  • they tried to find its owner but couldnt so sent chanel to animal protection association and red velvet lived happily ever after -the end-

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Before the day ended, Red Velvet’s Joy posted a photo of her and her fans who celebrated the surprise party with her with a caption saying she was happy to celebrate and spend time with her loved ones. She also sent her gratitude for the unending support from her fans.