Red Velvet’s Joy Is A SuccessFul Fangirl of R&B Singer Lolo Zouaï

Lolo Zouaï Red Velvet Joy

Lolo Zouaï and Red Velvet Joy in one frame!

Even though she is a superstar herself, Red Velvet’s Joy is just like any normal person who goes excited and happy when meeting their idols in real life.

Red Velvet’s Joy previously revealed that she is a fan of Lolo when she attended her concert in August 2019 during the ‘YOURSUMMER’ Music Festival in Incheon, South Korea.

The Red Velvet member was seen sharing videos of her on her official Instagram account. She was looking happy as she bopped into the music and enjoying the whole concert experience.


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She was a successful fan by then because the R&B singer reposted her IG updates.

But, Red Velvet’s Joy is a much more successful fan now as she met Lolo Zouaï in flesh in New York. The “Tempted” actress shared on her Instagram account that she finally met the New York-based artist in person.


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Lolo: "Hi! You're in NY now?"💖 That was how we met spontaneously thank you Lolo❣️😘

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She posted several photos and videos of her waiting for Lolo and even shared cute snaps of them hanging out together. They even danced the trending #AnySongChallenge and posted a video of it on their social media accounts.

Red Velvet’s Joy revealed that it was Lolo who asked her if she was in New York and since she was there, they simultaneously met and had fun together.

Red Velvet’s Joy came to New York to attend the New York Fashion Week 2020. She was a VIP guest at Michael Kors and flew from South Korea to attend the designer’s western-themed show.

The Kpop brightest star pre-show routine include taking a glamorous breakfast and quick chilling with YouTube stars Risabae and Cameron Dallas. She even tried to test the runway.

Looks like Red Velvet’s Joy was really a successful idol and now a fan. Would it be okay to expect a collaboration project from Red Velvet and Lolo Zouaï?