Review: ‘My Annoying Brother’ starring Park Shin Hye Jo Jung Suk, EXO’s D.O. – I thought this was a comedy movie!

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“My Annoying Brother” (Hyung) is a comedy drama movie starring Park Shin Hye, Jo Jung Suk and EXO’s D.O. ( Do Kyung Soo). There was a lot of excitement and expectations before this movie was released. The Jong Suk and D.O.’s bromance and the comical script is just among the two things fans were clinging into.

However, it looks like I expected too much. Want to know why? Keep reading below:

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Casts and Characters

Just an annoying brother eating ramyeon

Jo Jung Suk plays the character of Go Doo Sik, a con-man who uses his little brother’s disability in order to get paroled from prison. Do Young is a national Judo athlete who lost his sight after an international event.

The story starts off by telling how unfortunate Do Young to be blind forever plus his estranged con-man brother went back to their home.

Jong Suk and D.O.’s love and hate relationship as brothers seems realistic. I love how they throw those cursing words, especially Jong Suk. It’s really believable and it seems totally natural!

The conflict of the story started when Jong Suk’s character slowly do little things for his brother which makes the viewers think, “Awwe! This con-man has a little heart, too!”

Meanwhile, EXO’s D.O. has really done his part extremely well. I even forgot that he was a Kpop idol and was totally immersed with his portrayal for the blind little brother. You really can tell that this young man will have a long way to success not just into music but in acting career.

D.O.'s acting is the best!

Park Shin Hye portrayed the role of Lee Soo Hyun, the judo coach. She has a soft spot for Doo Young due to the fact that Doo Young went blind while training under her. I was waiting for any romantic aspect from her character towards either Jong Suk or D.O. but there wasn’t and it was totally fine because her character is important to lift up D.O.’s Doo Young and emphasize on his Judo life.

Don't disturb me I'm interrogating this gangster

Kim Ka Hyung is another cast playing the character of Dae Chang. Though his appearance is quite limited, he's presence is important on giving off viewers on Doo Sik's good side. His friendship with Doo Sik can simply be summarize to famous line saying, "Friends can be found in most odd ways."


The story begins with Go Doo Sik getting out of prison thanks to his blind brother. He was forced to live and come back in their house. They were actually half-brother. They have the same father. Doo Sik’s mother died and it was Do Young’s mom who has taken care of them while growing up. Doo Sik has run away from home because he realized that despite his stepmom’s kindness, he thought she was the one who prayed for his mother’s death. As a result, he worked hard enough to have something to eat and eventually turned to bad ways to earn money and was thrown into prison.

While Do Sik was still in prison, his younger brother got blind from an international Judo competition, leaving him all depressed. At first, Doo Sik does not care about his brother and always rude towards him but later on he has realized he needs to be good towards his brother.

They went on to some brotherly adventures like going into club. Doo Sik taught Doo Young how to catch a woman. That was the cute and funny part!

Just brothers taking a bath together

He did catch a woman but it turns out she was, as according to her (woman) , a mixture of Kim Tae Hee and Jun Ji Hyun. D.O.’s Doo Young says that what he wanted but Doo Sik told him the truth about that woman. He regretted it.

Girl: I'm a mixture of Kim Tae Hee and Jun Ji Hyun

Real spoiler here! Click at your own risk!


This flick is definitely one of those family drama that will surely make you realize the hope, strength and love provided by our family members, despite the fact that they are annoying sometimes.

I did not expect it to be this tear-jerker. I thought I was just going to laugh the whole time.