SBS’ ‘Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim’ Beats KBS2’s ‘Hwarang’ In Ratings

Hwarang and Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim / Youtube Screenshot

It has been previously reported that despite beginning with low ratings, KBS2’s “Hwarang” finally made its higher ratings on its episode on December 26. However, it seemed like the KBS2 drama has seen some light due to the absence of SBS’ “Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim” only.

Nielsen Korea provided results from December 26th episode which revealed that “Hwarang” garnered 13.1 percent ratings which is 5.9 percent increase from the previous episode of the show. However, on December 27, the numbers dropped to 7.5 percent.

Some reports claimed that the sudden ratings increase of “Hwarang” was due to the absence of “Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim” on the 26th when SBS aired the 2016 SBS Gayo Daejun. And seemed like it was proven as the KBS2’s medical drama series came back with a new episode with high ratings.

Last week, some media reported that the much-anticipated drama premiered with expectations and concerns. The drama followed the “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo” on the same network. Some speculate that it may perform same as the historical drama since it has the same format: putting handsome idol boy band members on the show.

"The drama in some ways may look similar to “Moon Lovers.” The heroin appears with a band of handsome men. But compared with the SBS drama, our drama's overall tone is bright and cheerful,” series producer and director Yoon Sung Sik said.

However, on its first episode which aired on Monday, December 19, it only posted 6.9 percent viewership ratings lagging the 7.4 percent of “Moon Lovers” Scarlet Heart Ryeo” according to Nielsen Korea.

"The first episode gave a flashback of ‘Moon Lovers,' with the distractive storytelling and unnatural acting of lead actors," said Choi Jung-a, a viewer, on an online bulletin board cited via Koreatimes.

"The first episode was not so impressive," said Han Jung-min, another viewer. "Bringing up Hwarang was a good choice, but the drama seems to carry no weight."

In addition, “Hwarand” reportedly stopped airing simultaneously in China.

"We have not heard anything official from LETV. We only heard that they are not able to air the drama as of right now. We will work hard to cooperate with them and have the drama back up and running,” KBS management stated.

“Hwarang” and “Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim” airs every Monday and Tuesday on KBS2 and SBS respectively.

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