Seo In Guk Apologizes to Fans for his Absence in a Lengthy Message

Seo In Guk Letter to Fans

Seo In Guk broke his silence and wrote a lengthy letter explaining his absence to his fans.

On October 3, 2017, one of his Facebook fanpage revealed a lengthy letter translations of the letter that the 29-year-old singer and actor left on his fancafe.

"Hello, this is Seo In Guk. It is Chuseok and hope everyone is doing well. There have been a lot of things to me and my fans for the past year or so. I should have visited you sooner, I wanted to but....
Now that I think about how I'm going to tell you about it.. keeps on delaying.. and the more time passes.. the more discouraged i am.

It is a bit late to ask you to say hello... But in order to explain to everyone regarding the military update.. i will say hello first.

To talk about military enlistment, actually I applied for postponement of enlistment first. not only because of desire for work, but also because of my feet that had already been recommended for surgery, so I had treatment for pain relif and work at the same time. I applied for postponement of enslistment, but I did not apply for re-examination or bring any medical report because I really wanted to join the army. However, at the first interview, the subcommittee told me to tell me in advance if you have any uncomfortable with your body. so I told that I felt little bit uncomfortable with my legs at the day that I had medical examination.

I did not even dream about going to the hospital because of this. As soon as I went to the hospital, I was taken to the X-ray first and then consulted. I never imagined that I would leave the army because of this problem. I think it's my fault.

As an actor and singer, I wanted to join the military proudly and fulfill my duties.So I asked the hospital to remain in the army after the results were released. I wanted to stay somehow because I was embarrassed and embarrassed if I went out like this. However, the hospital says that it is somewhat difficult to receive military training, so I can not help it because I have no choice but to leave.

I've had many things to say, but I was afraid that it would seem like everything would look like excuse and embarrassment.I saw many people wondering what they were suspicious of, and I wondered if I could think of anything else. But I felt compelled to tell the truth about the truth of the story, to fans that have been there to encourage and support me.. especially everytime people have been spreading news about it.

I am so sorry that you were was upset because of me. I wanted you to have good memories of me, but it hurts me knowing that u might have been hurt or because my heart was worn out. I'll try and figure out how to comfort them. I hope that my heart will reach you, and I hope you will spend the rest of your holidays happily.


Ps: I'm really sorry if I hurt you a lot.
I'll make myself clear.


It can be recalled that on June 2017, Seo In Guk was officially exempted from doing his military service as he was diagnosed with Osteochondritis dissecans.