‘Tomorrow with You’ Actress Shin Min Ah is a Supportive and Caring Girlfriend to Kim Woo Bin’s Cancer Treatment

So good to know he has Shin Min Ah always! Hoping for your fastest and safest recovery Kim Woo Bin!

Kim Woo Bin and Shin Min Ah

News broke out on May 23 that the “Uncontrollably Fond” actor Kim Woo Bin has been diagnosed with Nasopharyngeal cancer, a rare type of head and neck cancer.

The agency of the 27-year-old actor released a statement claiming that the actor started to notice something abnormal about his body while he was in the midst of busy schedules and when he went to the hospital for checkup, he was diagnosed with cancer.

“Thankfully, they said it’s not too late to receive treatment, so he has started radiation therapy and is taking medication. He will be focusing on treatment so that he can return with a healthier image. We are currently discussing his schedule due to his treatment. We ask for your support and encouragement,” Sidus HQ said in a statement.

In a related news, actress and model Shin Min Ah, girlfriend of Kim Woo Bin released a statement via her agency saying that she is helping Kim Woo Bin so that the actor can undergo his treatment very well.

For now, the Kim Woo Bin’s movie production and other projects has been rescheduled to prioritize his treatment.