Single on Valentine’s Day Should Read These Hilarious but Way Too Real Tweets



Are you single this Valentine’s Day? No need to worry as a lot of people know how you feel. Just log on to social media and people will provide you with lots of tweets, quotes and memes about being alone this February.

These tweets right here will make you feel more alone and single. They can be funny and heartbreaking but it’s okay! It’s only one day and not even a holiday, right? Do not worry to much if you are single, just grab some popcorns and read through these lists plus, watch your face Korean drama series because “KDRAMA IS LIFER!”

1. Do not be mad about being alone. Just don't!

2. I love black noodles!

3. Great Idea!

4. Oouch! but True!

5. Why not? And then watch your fave kdrama series!

Whether you are single or not this year, you must remember and still celebrate this day. It is meant for celebrating your love and the favorite people in your life.