Smartphone’s Lifespan Lengthened? Korean Researchers Develop Battery Packs With Power Twice Of Electric Cars


Researchers in Korea has reportedly developed a lithium-ion battery which can generate power for an electric car and can make it run for 300 kilometers in one charge.

“The developed battery can greatly extend the driving range of electric cars, which is currently at 150 kilometers per charge,” Professor Eom Gwang-sup of science and engineering at Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology said. “Based on additional research on applied materials, we expect to increase the capacity of the battery by an additional 1.5 times and lifespan by two times [from the already proposed results].”

Moreover, the batteries are tested to have four times the storage capacity than the current batteries in the market and it has double the lifespan of other products. The professor also added that it can be used in smartphones batteries to double their lifespan.

According to the team, if those batteries will be used on smartphones, users will no longer have to change phones for up to four years due to battery deterioration.

The lithium-ion battery was developed by both Gwang-sup and Lee Jung Tae, a postdoctoral associate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Research Laborator of Electronics. Furthermore, the research output was reportedly published online through Nature Communications on January 5.

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