Sungjoy interaction: Red Velvet’s Joy Sends Cute and Heartwarming Message to BTOB’s Yook Sungjae

Sungjoy shippers are alive!

Yook Sungjae and Joy

On the Auguts 7 airing of MBC’s “Oppa Thinking” show, actress Park Si Yeon, BTOB’s Yook Sungjae and Seo Eunkwang joined as guests.

During the shoot, the hosts startled Yook Sungjae by revealing a special message from his “ex-girlfriend” and someone from his past.

A mysterious girl appeared on-screen and was asked by the staff what is his relationship with Yook Sungjae.

Her voice was not yet revealed and only her head and hands were filmed, she said: “I have a close oppa-dongsaeng relationship with Sungjae.”

She continued saying Yook Sungjae taught her how to be natural on-screen especially during variety shows as she, according to him, gives off natural and very unique vibe. Upon hearing this, the hosts were saying Sungjae was “cringy.”

For few seconds, the “ex-girlfriend” that the hosts were claiming was in fact, Red Velvet’s Joy, Yook Sungjae’s virtual wife in “We Got Married.”

Watch the full 3-minute Sungjoy interaction, here:

And here are screenshots to Korean netizens's reactions about Joy sending video message to Sungjae. By the way, it was translated by google: