Suzy Helps Less Fortunate People through Generous Donations

Suzy is both beautiful outside and inside!

Suzy donates to less fortunate

The actress-idol was reportedly once again made a donation. According to Life Share Korea,  Bae Suzy donated 15 million won or approximately $13,800. She reportedly asked for it to be used towards buying basic needs of people in need.

This is not the only instance that the actress-singer donated as she has constantly donated to various charities, causes and people which include low income families, victims and families of Sewol Ferry accident and those who have medical needs.

It can be recalled that she became an Honor Society member of the Community Chest of Korea after she donated over 100 million won ($92,000)  in 2015.

Bae Suzy recently starred in the hit romance fantasy drama “While You Were Sleeping” with Lee Jong Suk.