The Universe’s Star Korean Drama Starring EXO’s Suho and Ji Woo (Episode 3 & 4 Recap, Thoughts)

It's cute!

The Universe's Star Episode 4

And so the sweet excitement begins for both characters of Kim Jun Myeon or popularly known as Suho of EXO and Ji Woo in “The Universe’s Star.”

To recall, Ji Woo’s character, Byul was given a chance to be alive again and protect Suho’s Woo Joo from dying. So she started it in an awkward way.

She went protecting him wearing a hospital gown to stalker level, thanks to her friend ghost.

The episode 3 and 4 of ‘The Universe’s Star” was full of twist and turns as Woo Joo started to be open to the idea of dating in order to write a love song out from his own feelings and not from his head.

Woo Joo (Suho) gave himself a chance at trying in love while Byul is doing everything to be close to him in order to protect him.

I thought it would end with these two episodes but luckily, this drama is reported to be extending which means we got to stare a little bit of longer to our very own Suho in a drama series.

Not unlike the previous episodes of “The Universe’s Star,” Suho’s acting is a bit more relaxed now and he gave a lot of justice for that rude, cold, handsome idol.

The story is also getting more interesting. A new plot twist was just revealed as Byul started to get curious with her own life. She also remembered that it was someone and not Suho who saved her during the car accident seven years ago (spoiler) so she was confused about her true feelings about Woo Joo.

Going back, our leading man is now falling in love with Byul though he thought Byul is acting hard-to-get. They still shared a sweet kiss!

I’m still curious on what will happen with our leads as a new stronger character is introduced clearly. Also, what was really the motive of Byul’s boss why he sent her to protect Woo Joo.

Will their love conquer death? Or will they be together afterlife?

This drama is just refreshing and fun to watch plus I got to see more the serious face of Suho (EXO). I like this “The Universe’s Star korean drama series! I don’t know, I think I just have to write it here. Haha!

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