Tomorrow With You Episode 3 and 4 Recap: Shi Min Ah Accepts Lee Je Hon’s Marriage Proposal

Tomorrow With You poster

tvN’s “Tomorrow With You” starring Shin Min Ah and Lee Je Hon aired its episode 3 and 4 last February 10 and 11, 2017.

In episode 3, Lee Je Hon’s Yoo So Joon found out that Shin Min Ah’s Song Ma Rin was one of the survivors of the Namyeong subway station accident seven years ago and he concluded that she was the reason why he survived. He also found out that she was with him in year 2019 when he died.

Jo Han Chul’s Doo Sik suggested that So Joon should try to work out his relationship with Ma Rin to find out if he could alter his life and even suggested that he can try to have a child with her to try to alter the future and prevent his So Joon’s death.

And on episode 4, So Joon proposed to Song Ma Rin. Knowing he was sincere and all, Ma Rin accepted the proposal.

In this episode, it seems like So Joon is not sincere in loving Ma Rin but just a curious and desperate individual wanting to save his own life from misery in the future.

Now that they are already married, will their death be stopped or there are far worst things to happen?

“Tomorrow With You” episode 5 and 6 will air on February 17 and 18, 2017 on tvN.