Universe’s Star Episode 1 and 2 Recap

Universe's Star

The 3-episode South Korean drama series Universe's Star starring Kim Jun Myeon or Suho and Ji Woo has started to release its first two episode since January 24 on Naver TV Cast and January 26 on MBC, Thursday. And so far, I was impressed!

With the much hype of the super successful tvN’s fantasy series “Goblin,” this story has taken another series for a “Grim Reaper” character. But this time, it’s the girl.

According to the plot release, it talks about the love story between a famous singer Woo Joo, portrayed by Kim Jun Myeon or Suho and Byul, portrayed by Ji Woo, a fan of Woo Joo who died in an accident and became a Grim Reaper.

On the first episode, I bet since it will only be a short series, it was already revealed almost half the conflict of the story. Byul is a die-hard fan of Woo Joo. Even after she died, she still is a die (literally) hard of the singer.

The characters were also being introduced on its first episode. The Grim Reapers’ side and Woo Joo’s side. I can see one familiar face though: It’s Lee Si Eon. He was the funny right-hand of Kim Eui Sung in MBC’s fantasy drama “W Two Worlds,” starring Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo.

Basically, on its first episode, it feels like my life story as a fan girl is being telecasted except the part and fact of being dead and a grim reaper. I like Byul, Ji Woo. Her face is like a mix of Asian and of British genes. I just felt like it since I was reminded of Harry Potter when I saw her Grim Reaper uniform.

On its second episode, she was tasked to guide and “get off her ‘baby’ Woo Joo.” However, since she cannot take that her ‘baby’ will be dead as she will feel literally dead if it will happen, she accidentally saved him from dying so her manager fired her from being a grim reaper.

However, it looks like her manager has some hidden motive of sending and teaching Byul to get back to life. On the last minutes of the second episode, he was seen holding a conversation with someone on the phone and he said he is sure that Woo Joo will be dead and would kill himself just before the first snow.

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