WATCH: Hwarang Episode 18 Spoilers: Park Seo Joon Be Enthroned as King of Silla?

Now, this is truly entertaining!

Sun Woo as King

It has been revealed that the Queen Mother will appoint Ah Ro as one of the Wonhwa who will lead the Hwarangs. And on upcoming episode 18, it seems like audiences will get to see the king of Silla in the identity of Park Seo Joon's Moo Myung.

It has been speculated that it was Moo​ Myung (Park Seo Joon), who was hidden, was the true king and was just outcast due to what the the Queen Mother did in the past.

In the last episodes, the Queen Regent is believed to have a brother, in the persona of Lord Kim Hwi Kyung (Song Yeong Kyu).

Many fans have argued that since Queen Ji So illegally (somehow) grabbed the throne, Park Seo Joon’s character might be just a valid candidate as the king of Silla. Moreover, Master Hwi Kyung released some cryptic message addressed to Lord Kim Wi Hwa (Sung Dong Il) or he is just dropping some hints that another candidate for the highest throne in Silla is just around (referring to Sun Woo.)

On upcoming Hwarang Episode 18, aside from focusing on Ah Ro being appointed along with Princes Sukmyeong as Wonwha, Park Seo Joon will be enthroned to be the king in order to save his lover. 

Look at the part where someone was being dressed in between Ah Ro's cut being introduced as Wonwha. 

For now, let's check out Hwarang Episode 18 preview below: