WATCH: Hwarang Episode 19 Preview: Park Seo Joon and Park Hyung Sik Fight Over Silla’s Throne?

Hwarang Episode 19!


Now that there are only two episodes left before Hwarang comes to an end, it looks like we will get to see our favorite leads, Park Seo Joon and Park Hyung Sik fighting over Silla’s throne.

Park Seo Joon’s Identity

According to the last episode, Park Seo Joon’s Moo Myung is the son of the Queen’s brother Master Hwi Kyung and one of the Wonhwa named Joon Jung.

To recall, in episode 18, it was revealed that the Queen stabbed Joon Jung, one of the Wonhwa claiming she has to do it to save her son.

“You seemed to be misinformed, Master Ahn Ji said when he confronted Queen Ji Soo. “That child has the right to sit on the throne. That child is the son of Joon Jung, Prince Hwi Kyung’s son, the Sacred Bone of Silla.”

Who will reign as the King of Silla?

Now that Park Seo Joon’s identity has been revealed and that he has every right to claim the throne, he was seen being interested on the throne in order to save his girl, Ah Ro. However, Park Hyung Sik has also revealed himself to the officials as King Jinheung.

Spoilers revealed that Park Seo Joon’s Moo Myung will get a chance to be introduced as the son of the Sacred Bone of Silla, Master Hwi Kyung and that people will force him as the king. However, Park Hyung Sik’s Ji Dwi has already fixed his mind to stand up as the king.

What will Hwarang do now after Han Sung’s death?

It looks like BTS’ V’s Han Sung was sacrificed in order for Hwarangs to realize that they cannot be and must be controlled by anyone except their own belief in justice.

Han Sung might have died but it is expected that the Hwarangs will do anything in order to abolish the Sacred Bone system and achieve fairness and justice. Ban Ryu may have to eliminate his own adoptive father in order to achieve that.

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