WATCH: Tomorrow With You Episode 5 Preview: Jo Han Chul is Lee Je Hoon’s Older and Miserable Self?

Jo Han Chul

I already stated on my previous article that it seems like “Tomorrow With You” is a Korean version of “The Time Traveler’s Wife” and cited may similar context for both. And it seems that like the American movie, this drama series will reveal that Jo Han Chul is Lee Je Hoon’s future self.

If anyone of you noticed that it seems like Doo Sik (Jo Han Chul) is giving hints from the start to Yoo So Joon (Lee Je Hoon) and seems like he knew everything about his life.

Even though he was introduced as someone who can travel through time too, it seems like he is someone important to the main lead. I was curious and I even compared “The Time Traveler’s Wife” to “Tomorrow With You” and even if I haven’t seen it during the first two episodes, it’s getting clearer that Doo Sik is the older and miserable version of So Joon after he altered his destiny.

Watch “Tomorrow With You” Episode 5 Preview below and tell me your thoughts!