Won Jin Ah Reveals Liking Her Voice Now Compared to the Past

Won Ji Ah

Actress Won Jin Ah has come to like her voice, which used to be a complex.

In an interview with News 1 at a cafe in Samcheong-dong, Jongno-gu, on the morning of June 11, Won said, "I hear a lot saying that my voice sounds attractive. When I'm working, I try to act with my voice, keeping my tone, and keep it stable, so I think I'm taking good care of it."

"At first, my voice was not good. At times it seems to be friendly, sometimes it seems to be fierce, it doesn't seem to fit in with my looks, and I had been criticized occasionally during auditions. I was hurt because they said it doesn't fit with my appearance."

However, she added, "I think I'm trying to like it now because opportunities of being able to work are because of my voice."

Asked if her voice, still complex, Won Jin Ah then said, "It was for a while. My parents also said, "Please don't talk too much, and raise your tone" It's because I'm talking so roughly. It's because I was a kid, and it's not a problem at all now," she said.

She also said, "Now I think my voice has become an advantage. I like it."

"I think I will be an actress who is loved for her unique voice like Actress Soo Ae." "Though I think it's too early to expect it, and I'm just satisfied that my voice doesn't catch up in it," she said modestly.

Won plays Kang So Hyun, a hot-blooded lawyer, in "Long Live the King: A Mokpo Hero." Kang So Hyun will have a huge impact on the life of Jang Se Chul (played by Kim Rae Won), an organization's boss, who happened to meet him at the campaign.

Meanwhile, "Long Live the King: A Mokpo Hero" will be released on June 19th.