Is Woo Do Hwan Dating? Who is Woo Do Hwan’s Girlfriend?

He is so hot!

Woo Do Hwan Dating, Woo Do Hwan Girlfriend

Woo Do Hwan is slowly getting the internation fans' attention with his appearances in dramas like OCN's "Save Me," KBS2's "Mad Dog" and MBC's "The Great seducer."

Who is Woo Do Hwan?

Woo Do Hwan is a rising popular actor in South Korea. He is best known for his roles in 2017 drama series "Save Me" and "Mad Dog." As of writing, he is the leading actor for the newest drama series of MBC, "The Great seducer."

Woo Do Hwan's age

His birthday is on July 12, 1992. He was born at Anyang, Gyeonggi Province in South Korea. He finished his studies in Dankook University where he majored in performance and film.

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Is Woo Do Hwan Dating?

Currently, no dating rumors or scandals found for Woo Do Hwan. Seemed like he is concentrating his full attention into his acting career.

Woo Do Hwan Shipped to Red Velvet's Joy (Park Sooyoung)

Woo Do Hwan, Joy
Since Woo Do Hwan and Red Velvet's Joy are the main casts of MBC's "The Great seducer," fans can't help but shipped their pairing. Some fans even commented that the two looked so good together and will pass as a couple in real life.

Woo Do Hwan's Ideal Type

Woo Do Hwan said, while  still starring in "Mad Dog" that he is not the same with his character in the drama series. He said that he is more affectionate, honest and straightforward to the girl that he likes. 

Describing his ideal type, he said, “I like someone I can communicate with well. I think that communication is more important than just finding someone to hang out with, of course it's nice to go watch movies, eat, and drink coffee together, but its also important when, how much and for how many hours I miss her. Based on that I judge how much I like her, love her and think of her.”

Woo Do Hwan's Film / Movies

2016 - "Operation Chromite" as Ri Kyung shik's subordinate
"Master" as man with the backward baseball cap

Woo Do Hwan's Television series / Drama List

2011 - "You're Here, You're Here, You're Really Here"
2012 - "Shut Up Flower Boy Band"
2016 - "Dramawrold" as Seung Woo
           "Sweet stranger and Me" as Kim Wan Shik
2017 - "Save Me"as Suk Dong Cheol
           "Mad Dog" as Kim Min Joon
2018 - "The Great seducer" as Kwon Si Hyun