Yook Sungjae for Grazia Magazine’s April Issue

Yook Sungjae for Grazia Magazine’s April Issue

Yook Sungjae graced the cover of Grazia magazine. He will be the cover of the famous magazine for the month of April.

In an interview, the young idol-actor revealed that he is growing and learning as he spends his days with top seniors like Choi Bool Am and Jeon In Kwon. He added that he is grateful to meet these seniors personally.

Yook Sungjae believes that he just need to do his thing and surely, his time will come.

BTOB’s maknae also revealed that he wanted to show his composed song if he has a chance this year.

"I am making my music so much that I feel myself nowadays. Even if it is not in the form of an album, I want to release the song I made. It is an opportunity to show me that I would like to write these songs and play these songs,” Yook Sungjae shared.

Meanwhile, Yook Sungjae is currently starring in SBS’ variety show “All the Butlers.” He will also come to Taipei, along with the rest of BTOB members for the Best of Best Concert in Taipei on April 21.