BTOB’s Yook Sungjae Shares About His Plans for Acting; Thoughts About ‘Master in the House’

Yook Sungjae for Singles Magazine June Issue

Yook Sungjae graced the cover of Singles Korea for its June issue. The young actor, singer and entertainer also provided his thoughts regarding his acting career and also commented about his variety show “Master in the House.”

Yook Sungjae was informed that a lot of fans have been waiting for his comeback as an actor. The 23-year-old idol said that he is very thankful but does not want to make rash statements regarding his acting plans. He claimed that he wanted to think seriously about the next production but for now, he is doing his best for BTOB’s new album which is due on mid-June.

Talking about the album, Yook  Sungjae said that their song match well with the summer season.

“It will be good to think it as the summer version of “Missing You,” he added.

Meanwhile, Yook Sungjae is currently appearing as one of the members of SBS variety show “Master in the House” (“All the Butlers”). He mentioned that he learned a lot from the masters and that he was having fun in learning and dealing with people like the members of the show: Lee Seunggi, Lee Sangyoon, Yang Sehyung.

Yook Sungjae said that Seunggi made outstanding achievements in the fields that he wants to do well so he is a good role model for him. He also praised Sangyoon’s acting and his different point of view and observation. Regarding Sehyung, he considers him genius for how fast he reacts in different situation.