Common Problems Only K-Drama Fans Understand


Watching Korean dramas is probably the best thing to do every now and then, of course it’s applicable for all K-drama fans. However, there are problems these avid Kdrama viewers also face during their viewership experience.

Here are some of the problems only  Kdrama fans understand:

1. When you’re watching a particular drama, it’s a no brainer that you will automatically love the official theme songs. Aside from Google-ing it and downloading it on Youtube for personal consumption, you will end up singing it the whole day or worst, the whole weekend.

Scarlet Heart Ryeo

2. You love your friends and of course, they love you too but not your K-dramas. It’s a struggle to keep low-profile as a fangirl when you’re talking about Kdramas. But of course, if they’re your true friends, they will support you no matter how crazy a fangirl you will and you are right now. Tip: Influence your friends so that you can go fangirling together!

Descendants of the Sun

3. We know the schedule of the K-dramas but it’s only unfair, especially for international fans to not experience on-the-schedule or live viewing of the drama, the worst, when we check the internet, we can already view the episode except that we do not understand it. Oh, Korean fans are so lucky!

My Love From The Star

4. Memorizing your fave actor and actress’ name is as easy as 1,2,3 however you always refer the actor’s/ actress’ name on the drama rather than saying his or her real name.

Ji Chang Wook/ The K2

5. Ever since watching Kdramas, real-life men seem mediocre to me. Kdrama fangirls' ideals for men and romance is truly at its highest peak. Well, it was all thanks to those dramas spoiling us with perfect, kind, gentlemen, gorgeous male leads!

6. It’s okay to be carried away while watching your favorite drama, but you always end up thinking about it even in real life. Sometimes, you are so distracted on your daily life activities just because of that drama’s episode. Struggle is real!

Legend Of The Blue Sea

7. Everything on the Kdrama seems going well as you expected, however, turn of events gave your fave character an amnesia, the main lead dies or six episodes of no kissing scenes for your loveteam. Please just get straight to happy ending!

Seven First Kisses

8. Pesky friends and family are always there to keep you away from watching your favorite Kdramas. However, parties, night outs and the like are looking less appealing than oppas.

​Uncontrollably Fond

9. All Kdrama fans have their oppas. And according to my own study, 100% of Kdrama fans watched a Kdrama just because their oppa is in it. Loyalty is hard in this profession. I love you oppa Lee Min Ho and Lee Jong Suk and Lee Joon Gi and Ji Chang Wook and the list goes on…

W Two-Worlds

What other problems you encounter as a Kdrama fan? Comment below!