Goblin Episode 9 Review

Just two loving couple doing backhug

(Notes: Watch out for spoilers! I'm not a Kdrama review expert. I'm just a fangirl who want to express the Kdrama feels. Thanks! )

South Korean drama “Goblin” continued to wow audiences with its plot. And with Episode 9, seems like everything is set on the table.

The first 40 minutes of the episode is focused on the relationship of Ji Eun Tak and the goblin.

To recall, it was last episode when Ji Eun Tak learned through the grim reaper that if she draws the sword, Kim Shin (goblin) will die. On the other way around, Kim Shin also learned that if he delays his death, it will be Ji Eun Tak who will be put in danger.

Anyways, let me just comment the cinematography for this episode. I really love how the angles and casts were fit on the screen. Totally daebak! The following are those scenes/shots I liked the most from the episode.

Raining Scene / Goblin Episode 9 screenshot

Sad love story in the woods / Goblin Episode 9 screenshot

Kim Shin backhugs Ji Eun Tak / Goblin Episode 9 screenshot

This seemed symbolizing Kim Shin's assurance that no matter what the stakes are, he will fight to keep Ji Eun Tak (tissues pls)

(front view) Just two loving couple doing a backhug

On the first 40 minutes, Kim Go Eun and Gong Yoo’s chemistry was really palpable. Due to the sad scenes/moments, their chemistry is even so noticeable. It makes the audience root for them so much and create their own scenario just to let them be together in the drama.

I don’t know but their way of saying and assuring each other their love is new to me. It’s like their doing a telepathy. Ji Eun Tak said the words “I love you” in such a different way like it’s so touching and I really felt emotional. And while I’m enjoying their love story like how much Ji Eun Tak loves the goblin and vice versa, I am sad deep inside as I know the risks at stake. You know the feeling of too overwhelmed and amazed with their love for each other but you’re concern because one of them could die and that will end their happy ending? Yeah, I felt that one. Plus, the choice of musical scoring in between goblin and Ji Eun Tak’s scene? They nailed it!

Ji Eun Tak confesses love to the goblin / Goblin Episode 9 screenshot

I’m out of words for the first 40 minutes as the writer really knows how to present her leads. Like, I’ve heard there are rumors that Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun’s chemistry is nothing compared to Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na’s. However, with this episode, those bashers and negative commenters can really be put to shame.

I don’t know but I never come across a drama wherein up until the episode 9, the antagonist is nowhere to be found. I’m not even sure if you can call the red lady an antagonist, after all she was the one who helped Ji Eun Tak when her mother died.

The mysterious red lady / Goblin Episode 9 screenshot

Goblin, Missing Soul, Grim Reaper enjoying their photoshoot

This scene is just so refreshing after the moments of sadness from Ji Eun Tak and the goblin's chase of feelings, finally some cute and happy moment.

I love how the episode went from too sad but romantic to too funny and mysterious until the end. This drama could offer audiences everything and I bet other viewers will now think of ways or possible plot twist on how possible could Ji Eun Tak end up with the goblin as well as Sunny with the grim reaper.

Moreover, I noticed that this is the first episode that the four leads share the same screen.

Kim Shin, Ji Eun Tak, Grim Reaper and Sunny on the chicken shop

At the end part of the episode, it was revealed that Sunny is Kim Shin’s sister on his past life. Everything is so interesting. I’ve said it from Episode 1 until now and with the Episode 10 preview, I really bet a crazy plot is truly coming soon.

(Credits to Kissasian, I have an HD screenshots and thanks for the perfect English subtitle.)

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