Who Is Jung Hae In’s Girlfriend? Is He Dating Someone Now?

Jung Hae In girlfriend Jung Hae In dating

Jung Hae In captured the hearts of many Kdrama-goers when he appeared on “Goblin” as Kim Go Eun’s first love and the cute police officer and second lead on Lee Jong Suk and Suzy’s “While You Were Sleeping.”

Jung Hae In’s Personal Profile

Jung Hae In is a South Korean actor who made his first appearance on AOA Black’s music video for “Moya” in 2013. He officially debuted in the television series titled “Bride of the Century” in 2014.

Jung Hae In is known to be the third great-grandson of Joeng Yakyong, a great philosopher of the later Joseon period.

Jung Hae In already graduated in college with a degree of Broadcasting Entertainment Department at Pyeongtaek University, wherein he participated in various musical plays.

Fans can be assured that Jung Hae In will not leave them for two years now that he has already completed his military service when he was 21 years old.

“I went to mandatory military service when I was 21 years old [Korean reckoning]. Some other male actors may be jealous since I’ve already gone. I’ve even finished with the reserve forces. But there really isn’t much to be jealous about, since the army is just another place for people to live. Those with a lot of wealth and fame may not want to go, as it creates a long resting period,” Jung Hae In said about his military service and debuting at an older age.


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Is Jung Hae In Dating?

According to his online profile, Jung Hae In is currently single.

The actor is reported to be focusing on his career and he explained, “I want to mature as a kind actor. Since this is a profession where people meet and create an end product together, I have to be a good person first before I before I become a certain kind of actor.”

What is it like to have a boyfriend like Jung Hae In?

In his latest photoshoot for Marie Claire for the November 2017 issue, Jung Hae In revealed that he is “honest when expressing his emotions” just like his character Han Woo Tak in “While You Were Sleeping.”


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