Kim Min Kyu Says Goodbye to Aji 3, Jo Ji Ah

Kim Min Kyu Says Goodbye to Aji 3, Jo Ji Ah

I am not a Robot episode 17 and 18 short summary:

Chae Soo Bin's Jo Ji Ah finally got the chance to showcase her invention and made it to the final round of KM's Financial contest for start-up young entrepreneurs/ inventors. She disguised herself with an Afro costume.

Yoo Seung Ho's Kim Min Kyu, being touced by Jo Ji Ah's letter, went to the event and he concluded, with the help of Jo Ji Ah's heart lamp, that he is truly in love with Aji 3, the robot.

I am not a Robot episode 17 and 18 thoughts:

It was actually satisfying to watch Kim Min Kyu being cured for his rare allergy and finally getting in contact with humans after 15 years. However, it is a big disappointment as he did not know that he was truly in love with a human being, disguised herself as a robot.

The scene where Kim Min Kyu needs to reset Aji 3 is very heartbreaking. As an audience, who watched the growing relationship of the Three-Part Baton CEO and the young aspiring inventor/entrepreneur, this is very emotional.

Everyone might be feeling of thinking to go in the screen and just tell Kim Min Kyu that Aji 3 is President Jo and that she is a human being and that they can go on and date freely. However, it turned out the other person who has the same illness with Kim Min Kyu died because of shock. The person he believed to be the cure for his illness, is the same person who deceived him.

Out of fear, Doctor Oh advised Jo Ji Ah to never meet with Kim Min Kyu and never tell him the truth.

Poor Kim Min Kyu. I am waiting for the next episode with tears. How about you? What can you say about I am not a Robot episode 17 and 18?