Kim Soo Hyun Shares His Plan for 2017 ahead of Lunar New Year celebration

Kim Soo Hyun
YouTube Screenshot

Actor Kim Soo Hyun is already a household name both domestically in South Korea and internationally. While the actor has been busy doing endorsements and movie last year, he shared his plans for 2017 ahead of the celebration for welcoming the Lunar New Year.

“I hope that the new year will be healthy and full of wonderful things in 2017,” the 28-years-old actor said.

He added that this year will be a special year saying, “I am wondering how it will be completed (but) I will continue to challenge myself and continue to grow.”

Kim Soo Hyun was busy filming the movie titled “Real.” He played the character of Jang Tae Young a trouble shooter in criminal world.

The film which is directed by Lee Sa Rang and produced by CJ Entertainment, is expected to be released earlier this year.

Kim Soo Hyun’s co-stars in series “Dream High” Bae Suzy and IU are reportedly to make cameo appearances in “Real” movie.