Meet the Leads of Upcoming School 2017 K-Drama

I can't wait to see how this drama goes!

Kim Sejeong-Rowoon

The seventh installment for KBS’ “School” series is set to continue this year. Fans will get to see new and fresh faces in Kdrama world.

It was reported earlier that “Love in the Moonlight” actress Kim Yoo Jung was tapped for a main role in the series but the 17-year-old actress denied the role. On June 5, Sidus HQ released a statement delivering the final decision of the actress.

On the same day, KBS announced that gugudan’s Kim Sejeong and SF9’s Rowoon are confirmed to play lead roles for “School” 2017.

Kim Sejeong’s agency, Jellyfish Entertainment revealed that the Korean idol will be starring as Ra Eun Ho in the series. He character will portray a cheerful high school girl who dreams of attending a prestigious university in order to date her first love. Ra Eun Hoo is very positive to achieve this even though her grades are less than average.

“Kim Sejeong’s leadership and lively personality suits Ra Eun Ho’s character perfectly. Each meeting with Kim Sejeong felt like we were meeting Ra Eun Ho in real life,” the production team from “School” 2017 told media.

On the other hand, FNC Entertainment also confirmed SF9’s Rowoon appearance in the drama series. The Korean idol also played a role in the web drama series titled “Click Your Heart.”

Some viewers and avid fans of “School” series were a bit dismayed about the decision of the production team of casting Korean idols in the series, instead of tapping newbie actors and actresses for the role.

It can be recalled that the famous KBS series are known to pave a way for newbie actors and actresses to popularity in the field.

Though some fans are quite disappointed that the main casts of the new “School” series are mostly Korean idols such as gugudan’s Kim Sejeong and SF9’s Rowoon, the production team of “School” 2017 encouraged fans to consider the new casts.

The “School” 2017 is set to start the film shooting in July. It is slated for release after “Fight My Way.”