Pokémon Go debuts in South Korea

Pokemon Go in South Korea

The famous augmented reality game Pokémon Go that was a hit last year in summer has finally been launched in South Korea.

Since the game’s release on July, Pokémon Go has dominated the Internet and earned massive coverage in news. However, due to cybersecurity the game was not yet allowed in South Korea.

It has been known that there’s a growing restrictions in access to few websites and even application as per South Korea’s National Security Law, for instance is the British-based website, northkoreatech.org, which reportedly discusses the use of digital technology in the communist country, North Korea.

The Pokémon Go allows users to walk around the real world capturing virtual monsters, training them and make then fight against each other.

However, functions on Google Maps are limited for national security reasons in South Korea. Following the Korean War, South Korea reportedly put restrictions intended to prevent sensitive map data that may fall into North Korean hands.

"South Korea is one of the world's most lucrative mobile games markets, so should be a big boost for the game,” gaming analyst Jack Kent said. "The delay in launching highlights some of the complexities involved in operating a location-based title that relies on partners to provide the underlying infrastructure."